Nifty Web Apps

Welcome to the Nifty Web Apps tutorial: learn how to build a simple web app for any text-based programming assignment (arXiv:2010.04671). All materials are open source on GitHub.

In this tutorial, we’ll use, modify, and create (Lytle et al. 2019) simple web apps that take a string query and return a list of results. We offer the tutorial in two programming languages: Python and Java.

  1. Autocorrect in Python or Java.
  2. Random Sentence Generator (Zelenski 1999) in Python or Java.
  3. Autocomplete (Wayne 2016) in Python or Java.
  4. Build better sites faster with Chrome DevTools: use DevTools to inspect the full Autocomplete web app.
  5. Deploy your app for free in Python or Java.

The Autocomplete web app takes a string prefix and displays the list of matches on top of Google Maps. Compare the web app with the desktop app and the console app.

Web app
Autocomplete web app
Desktop app (Wayne 2016)
Autocomplete desktop app
Console app
Query: Sea
608660 Seattle, Washington, United States
33025 Seaside, California, United States
26909 SeaTac, Washington, United States
24168 Seal Beach, California, United States
22858 Searcy, Arkansas, United States