Programming a Better Future

How computer scientists can undo the social dilemma.

I recently gave a prepared talk to introductory programming students reflecting on the nature of computer science’s social and political responsibility.

Techlash: The Social Dilemma is an important documentary on techlash, though deeply problematic in how it references tech insiders rather than the important work done by leading researchers on algorithmic justice: Dr. Timnit Gebru, Joy Buolamwini, Dr. Rediet Abebe, Deb Raji, Mutale Nkonde, Dr. Ruha Benjamin, Dr. Simone Browne, and Dr. Safiya Noble.

History, Stanford CS Department Timeline, The Art of Computer Programming, and US higher education.

I’ve Always Been Scared That Someday I’m Going to Sell Out (Vakil 2018).

It is time for more critical CS education and Roles for Computing in Social Change.

Tech workers have real labor power; their skills are in short supply and in some cases, the things they refuse to build will simply not get built.