Are you a current UW undergrad or CSE B.S./M.S. student interested in working with me? Read this Allen School page on Undergraduate Research and then email me about why you’re interested in working on CS Education research with me.

Are you a current or prospective Ph.D student interested in working with me? I do not formally advise Ph.D students, but we have a vibrant group of CS Education researchers in the ComputingEd@UW community who would love to get in touch with you.

A formal list of research publications can be found in my CV.




UC Berkeley Teaching Effectiveness Award

CCSC-SW 2019


Non-Refereed and Unpublished

Machine learning, optimization, and natural language processing for Computer Science Education.

  • Clustering Students to Improve Retention, Self-Efficacy, and Belonging in CS1 (Colab)
  • Next Step Prediction (Poster)
  • Piazza Suggestions