I care about creating effective, equitable, accessible cs education.

Get involved

Are you a current or prospective UW undergrad or CSE BS/MS student?

For CSE 14X, complete a CSE 14X TA Application.
For all other courses, complete a CSE TA Application and address the following points in your personal statement.
  • Why do you want to teach this course?
  • Describe a particularly effective or ineffective college classroom experience.
  • Why would you be an effective TA for this course?

I read your personal statement with the intention of sparking conversation around your ideas on computer science education. Note that the personal statement can be seen by all instructors.

Learn more about me and read about Undergraduate Research in the Allen School. Then, tell me why you’re interested in working on CS education.
The Allen School teaching professors are creating a BS/MS Teaching Focus preparing students for teaching careers in computer science (esp. higher-ed).

Are you a current or prospective PhD student? I do not formally advise Ph.D students, but there are plenty of others in ComputingEd@UW who’d love to get to know you. Amy Ko has published an overview of Computing Education Research at UW and beyond.

Teaching Tea Parties

Teaching tea parties are low-key hangouts for unwinding at the end of the week with other folks in the ComputingEd@UW community meeting 4:30–5:20pm every Friday over Zoom. Drop by whenever you want to chat about teaching, catch up on life, share what you’ve been working on, or see our friendly faces! The format of these meetings is mostly unstructured, so feel free to join with your other work or food on the side, but don’t expect to get much deep work done.

To participate, message me on the ComputingEd@UW Slack or ask an attendee to share the calendar invitation with you. Everyone in the University of Washington community is welcome!