An Invitation to Reimagine

Empowering Students to Redesign Computing Problems and Artifacts​


Check out the Allen School Computer Science Education resource hub that describes how students can get involved in the school’s educational efforts.

Are you a current or prospective UW undergrad or CSE BS/MS student?

Take CSE 492T: Equitable and Inclusive Computer Science Pedagogy!
To teach a CSE course with me, complete a CSE TA Application and address these two questions in your personal statement.
  • Describe what you think is the most important role of a teaching assistant.
  • Analyze a school experience you found particularly effective or ineffective.
Take CSE 590E: Computer Science Education Seminar!
To pursue independent research with me, read more about Undergraduate Research in the Allen School. Then, tell me what you’re interested in working on.

Are you a current or prospective PhD student? I do not formally advise Ph.D students, but there are plenty of other researchers in ComputingEd@UW who’d love to get to know you. Amy Ko has published an overview of Computing Education Research at UW and beyond.