Alternative Grading

Equitable Grading and Ecosystems for More Caring Communities


Check out the Allen School Computer Science Education resource hub that describes how students can get involved in the school’s educational efforts.

Are you a current or prospective UW undergrad or CSE BS/MS student?

Take CSE 492T: Equitable and Inclusive Computer Science Pedagogy!
To teach a CSE course with me, complete a CSE TA Application and address these two questions in your personal statement.
  • Describe what you think is the most important role of a teaching assistant.
  • Analyze a school experience you found particularly effective or ineffective.
Take CSE 590E: Computer Science Education Seminar!
To pursue independent research with me, read more about Undergraduate Research in the Allen School. Then, tell me what you’re interested in working on.

Are you a current or prospective PhD student? I do not formally advise Ph.D students, but there are plenty of other researchers in ComputingEd@UW who’d love to get to know you. Amy Ko has published an overview of Computing Education Research at UW and beyond.