Recruiter? TL;DR? Resume.

Hi, I’m Kevin. Starting Fall 2018, I’ll be pursuing a 5th year MS in EECS at UC Berkeley in the area of computer science eduation, advised by John DeNero and Josh Hug. It’s been an incredibly humbling and inspiring experience working alongside them these past few years and I’m excited to see where we’ll go next and create a more beautiful future.

During my undergraduate career, I studied and implemented scalable teaching and learning techniques for CS 61A (CS 1) and CS 61B (CS 2) at UC Berkeley, two of the largest in-person computer science courses in the world. This past summer, I had the incredible honor of joining the family of summer lecturers for CS 61A at UC Berkeley, and I hope to return this summer to teach CS 61BL and close the loop, ending where I started.

And, though I’m not doing a particularly good job, I’m the current president of Computer Science Mentors. I was a part of the very first cohort of students in CSM Spring 2015. It inspired me.

In my spare time, I also study Computer Science and Cognitive Science at UC Berkeley. Studying is, admittedly, not as fun as teaching.

Whatever little time I have left I spend designing websites for Berkeley Diversity. My boss, Kim Steinbacher, really inspires me!