Spring 2018

Lab-centric Instruction

Inspired by Nate Titterton, Colleen Lewis, and Mike Clancy, I’m trying something new in my labs this semester by bringing aspects of CS 61BL-style lab-centric instruction techniques to our traditional-format course.

Gated Collaboration Activity

A question is posed to the students. After responding online, a student is able to view the answers provided by their classmates. In this way, students are required to engage with the content before reading possible answers. Gated collaborations typically use questions that lend themselves to multiple solutions where viewing other students’ answers shows a diversity of answers and provides students with experience evaluating alternative responses.

Explicit Reflection

A prompt that encourages students to reflect or make a note in their course journal. These may encourage reflection on problem solving or debugging process or on current understanding.

Java Gotchas

Things I wish I knew when I was learning Java in CS 61B.

Quizzes (Spring 2017)

Much of the quiz content I wrote Spring 2017 has been integrated into the Computer Science Mentors weekly group tutoring handouts. There might still be some goodies here though!

These quizzes were primarily used as a means of tying together the topics in the course in interesting ways that aren’t usually covered in the regular discussion handouts.



Josh’s CS 61B Exam Studying Guide is fantastic. I wrote the CS 61A Studying Guide which has a few more tips for general problem-solving.

Selected Staff Material